Water Tank Inspection Services

Water tank inspection services ensure that your potable water storage tanks are as clean and safe as possible, mitigating risks to your people, processes and equipment.

Engaging water tank inspection services is vital in industries where potable water storage tanks are relied upon for drinking, washing, food preparation and industrial applications.

However, staying on top of best-practice can be a difficult task for the duty holders responsible for water system safety. Depending on whether manual or ROV tank inspection is used, complete draining, superchlorination, re-filling and remedial treatment may be required, which can take a tank out of service for days or even weeks.

The consequences of contaminated potable water storage tanks or systems can be extremely serious. Illness can be caused by microbial, chemical and hydrocarbon-based contaminants, excessive debris or sediment. For human health, the worst-case scenario is the development of airborne Legionella bacteria. 

In terms of operational continuity and cost, potable water storage tank contamination could also have major repercussions if an unplanned shutdown is required. Efficient and sufficient tank inspection programs can minimise the potential for unanticipated failure impacts.

At Intertek, our experienced microbiology teams deliver advice and recommendations on methodology, frequency and means of water tank inspection.  

Our water tank inspection services are designed to equip duty holders with maximum awareness as to the condition of your potable water storage tanks. This offers the best possible chance of detecting and remedying evidence of contamination, biofilm deposits, corrosion formation and the growth of Legionella.

ROV tank inspection 

As well as advising on traditional methods, such as human tank entry, we can also assist in arranging ROV tank inspection. 

Traditionally, water tanks are inspected manually and drained prior to human entry with any necessary remedial work being carried out afterwards. Tanks must then be superchlorinated before being re-filled and brought back into use - a process that can take up to three days. 

However, ROV tank inspection removes the need for draining and refilling, mitigates risk to personnel and can ensure that tanks are back in service after 12 hours. When evidence of corrosion or bacteria is detected, our experts recommend remedial treatments, including operational advice, cleaning, patch recoating or complete tank refurbishment.

Our Total Quality Assurance water tank inspection services will offer you peace of mind that an industry leading microbiology team is working to safeguard the health and wellbeing of your personnel and water systems.  

We can also streamline your processes by providing related services such as Legionella risk assessments, software and training, and water system disinfection.

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