Intertek CAPCIS has extensive experience in the monitoring, sampling and analysis of water injection systems. Our capabilities range from single well injector systems to the world’s largest water injection facility.

Our team of experts and highly trained engineers pool their vast knowledge to offer world-class consultancy and guidance across all areas of concern; from chemical treatment through to bacterial monitoring.

We have the equipment and expertise to audit and characterise produced and injection water. Our services include:

  • Development of procedures and guidelines
  • Definition of key performance indicators for monitoring water systems
  • Consultancy and bespoke testing of water systems
  • Testing and modelling of high pressure, sour and acidic gas systems
  • Microbiological surveys for SRB and other problem micro-organisms
  • Long term biofilm monitoring
  • Process (e.g. deaerator) performance monitoring
  • Particle size determination
  • Bio-corrosion, scale and reservoir souring predictive modelling.

In addition, Intertel CAPCIS offers especialized experts in materials selection, risk-based assessment, corrosion inhibitor evaluation, and non-metallics consultancy and testing. 

At Intertek CAPCIS we bring together unparalleled expertise and cutting-edge tools to ensure optimal performance and reliability of water injection systems. 

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