Microbiological surveys of oil and gas systems determine the likelihood of adverse bacterial activity, thereby helping to inform effective control strategies.

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Performing microbiological surveys highlights the presence of potentially detrimental microorganisms in oil and gas industrial systems and is the first step to tackling any problems they may cause.

Sulphate-reducing bacteria (SRB) detected by microbiological surveys are known to cause microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) in oil and gas infrastructure. 

However, additional microorganisms, such as methanogen and sulphate-reducing archaea - to name a few - have also recently been implicated in this type of corrosion.

MIC has been attributed to many system failures in the past and represents a persistent challenge for oil and gas companies. MIC is often found occurring in injection, production and firewater systems, but is also kmown to affect pipelines and processing facilities. 

Diesel fuels systems are also vulnerable to bacterial growth, which can greatly affect their operational quality, cause blockages and compromise the integrity of pumps, cam shafts and fuel injectors.

Additionally, unchecked bacterial activity can deplete nitrite-based corrosion inhibitors within heating and cooling mediums and impact heat exchanger efficiency. In extreme cases, accelerated corrosion can cause significant damage to the inside of storage tanks and flow lines.

The welfare of your infrastructure is vital, and engaging a trusted, efficient partner to manage your microbiological surveys and oilfield microbiology will allow you to confidently identify and mitigate risks and develop control strategies.

Microbiological surveys are conducted by our experienced professionals to highlight areas of your systems that may be vulnerable to microbial growth and activity. The data can then be used to determine suitable approaches to prevent or alleviate MIC and other microbial-related issues in susceptible areas. 

We undertake these assessments at a range of onshore and offshore facilities, including processing and storage terminals, pipelines, diesel distribution systems, potable water systems and supply vessels.

As a global Total Quality Assurance provider with over three decades of experience, cutting-edge laboratories and centres of excellence, we can undertake your microbiological surveys and offer you a full range of exploration and production services whatever your location. 

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