Reservoir souring prediction and mitigation manages microbes in oil and gas environs and is integral to safeguarding assets and aiding unimpeded production.

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Implementing a reservoir souring prediction and mitigation strategy is a conscientious approach to protecting oil and gas materials from irreversible corrosion and degradation.

Reservoir souring can occur as a result of injecting water into hydrocarbon reservoirs and exposing fluids to foreign microbes over an extended period of time. However, water injection often needs to be applied in order to maximise recovery and is an important means of providing pressure support and optimising sweep efficiency.

Sea water, aquifer or produced water injection promotes the growth of sulfate-reducing bacteria, which, in turn, leads to the generation of hydrogen sulfide (H2S). This can ultimately sour the reservoir and the produced fluids. 

Modelling and predicting reservoir souring is a significant challenge. Not only does it demand an understanding of H2S generation in reservoirs, but it also requires knowledge of mineral scavenging, retardation of H2S and crucially, fluid phase partitioning of H2S between water, oil and gas. 

Reservoir souring is known to decrease the value of exploration and production assets, increase operational costs and, at worst, result in the shut-in of wells.

With infrastructure integrity and productivity at the forefront of your concerns, engaging our reservoir souring prediction and mitigation expertise will give you the confidence that time-tested and reliable methods are being implemented to protect your assets. 

Providing tools to monitor and evaluate reservoir souring, we can develop tailored strategie according to your specific needs. These can include site investigation to ascertain the source of souring, the prediction of its impact, devising plans for its control and performing ongoing monitoring and updates.

Implementing modelling, we can predict the course of H2S production in all fluid phases, as well as the testing and specification of remedial treatments for reservoir and surface facilities.

We also possess pre-eminent expertise in the selection and testing of materials for sour service. 

Our studies and consultancy projects, along with laboratory services, are aimed at:

  • Provide a high level assessment of the risk of a reservoir undergoing microbiological souring
  • Forecast H2S in gas at a well by well, gathering station and full field level
  • Under take a system wide risk assessment of H2S influenced corrosion (sulphide stress corrosion cracking and hydrogen induced cracking) at current and forecast levels of H2S
  • Assess mitigation strategies based on the masses and concentrations of H2S that have been forecast and the client requirements (i.e. safety / mitigation of H2S influenced corrosion and / or achieving export specifications)
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