Our legionella monitoring software offers fast, easy access to one centralised legionella management resource and can be adopted across a range of industries.

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Legionella monitoring software presents a convenient and reliable option for ensuring that water supplies in the oil and gas and other industries are not compromised by microbiological risks.

Offshore oil and gas employers, or those in control of premises, are obliged by law to understand and monitor their water systems, appoint a person responsible for maintenance and to conduct legionella risk assessments.

Failure to honour these responsibilities can endanger the health and safety of personnel and may lead to prosecution. 

At Intertek, our experience has allowed us to design legionella monitoring software that is not only compatible with onshore premises, but that also caters to the unique environs of the offshore industry. 

Our legionella monitoring software delivers an auditable trail of tasks associated with mitigating legionella control.

Following your legionella risk assessments, password access to the web-based system is granted and your regular monitoring will be overseen. 

The legionella monitoring software will send your nominated responsible personnel email notifications informing them of tasks due to be performed as defined in your agreed control scheme. 

Your traceable and auditable results will be stored on the system for later reference, alongside any recommended remedial actions. By trending your results, the system will allow you to examine areas requiring specific treatments. In addition, those with supervision rights can monitor the progression of the tasks being undertaken. 

A piece of technology at the forefront of water safety, our legionella monitoring software removes the need for rigorous manual record-keeping and reduces the likelihood of human error.

With us as your legionella management Total Quality Assurance partner, you can be confident that a system developed by experienced and highly skilled professionals is programmed to notify you of your upcoming water safety responsibilities. 

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