Intertek CAPCIS has provided global corrosion control and materials assurance services since 1973 to businesses in the energy, transport, aerospace, marine, manufacturing and infrastructure sectors.

Intertek Capcis
As energy, utilities and infrastructure assets are ageing, and operating in ever more challenging environments, the need for systemic risk-based corrosion monitoring and materials assurance solutions has never been greater. With our strong position as a leading industry expert on corrosions and materials assurance, Intertek CAPCIS is there to assure the integrity of the assets for every stage of the materials and corrosion lifecycle, from prevention to failure analysis.

CAPCIS was established in 1973 as a commercial development that emerged from the Corrosion and Protection Centre at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST). Following its acquisition by Intertek in 2007, the CAPCIS brand become known as Production and Integrity Assurance (P&IA).

P&IA was widely recognised and highly regarded in the market as CAPCIS. The CAPCIS heritage provides an established global reputation for specialist expertise and advanced capabilities in corrosion and materials testing and consulting.

We are proud to welcome back CAPCIS and for it to be rebranded as “Intertek CAPCIS” to strengthen our position as a leading authority expert on the corrosion and materials testing and consulting. Our rich legacy of scientific understanding of global customer needs and the anticipation to the everchanging market allow us more than ever to exceed our customers’ expectation and be a trusted partner to help our customers reduce uncertainty and risk.

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