Intertek CAPCIS helps rail operators to keep their assets working efficiently and effectively

Intertek Capcis

Rail system projects are characterised by capital intensive construction in often hostile climates with long operating life demands. 120 year design life requirements are typical but often seen as a minimum need with key infrastructure items required to give extended service life. These requirements place demands on the construction materials that extend beyond normal engineering standards provisions requiring specialist materials durability knowledge.

For electrified DC railways, the risks stemming from stray current introduce an additional layer of complexity to material deterioration. Evaluating, managing, and mitigating stray current interactions between sources like railway systems and stakeholders like structure maintainers and utility operators necessitates a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach. This ensures the establishment of a sound legal and contractual framework, a viable technical strategy, and effective long-term operational management for sustained success. 

Intertek CAPCIS offers a complete range of services to support materials durability design and to manage and support stray current control from the perspective of both rail operators and utility operators through a long-term track record in consultancy, inspection, testing and analysis services.

Getting materials design and stray current wrong costs time and money, devalues assets and can become safety critical. Damage occurs to rails, structure reinforcement, earth bonding systems, power cables, gas and water pipes. Inadequate construction heightens the risks and can lead to operational restrictions, outside enforcement and revenue loss. 

To address this challenge, a significant portion of our efforts involves engaging in multi-party interfaces, aiming for open discussions on risk and striving for resolutions through consensus. By representing Owners, Contractors, and Affected Parties across various projects simultaneously, we maintain an impartial and independent stance. Our practical experience spans the requirements of affected structures and the intricate demands of railway systems. 

Intertek CAPCIS´s depth of experience is unique. We have likely analyzed a greater volume of stray current interference data from UK systems than any other entity, offering an unparalleled reality check for both newly emerging and well-established systems. Our firsthand experience spans from concept to long-term operation

Our extensive track record equips us with a heightened level of awareness that complements our in-depth technical knowledge. Our railway services include:

  • Engineering Consultancy
  • Asset Integrity
  • Stray Current Monitoring
  • Stray Current Survey
  • Failure Investigation 
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