Independent fatigue testing of critical components to reduce the likelihood of equipment failure

Intertek Capcis

Fatigue is the progressive, localised weakening of material when subjected to repeated cyclic loading and unloading. This can result in failure of a material at stresses well below the expected strength. It can be a slow process, where damage due to cyclic loading of the structure or material accumulates over time resulting in the formation of fatigue cracks which grow to reach a critical length at which time sudden failure occurs.

Corrosive environments and fatigue mechanisms can accelerate material failure and significantly reduce component performance and life expectancy.

Specialising in metals, polymers and composites, Intertek CAPCIS have extensive experience meeting the fatigue and mechanical testing requirements of numerous industrial landscapes including fracture toughness testing and advance chemical analysis.

From oil and gas to automotive, renewables and infrastructure, fatigue failures can be costly, impacting on both production and safety. Determining the suitability, performance and life expectancy of materials is fundamental to the design and manufacturing process.

The solutions we bring
Satisfying international standards, providing accurate data for client-specified procedures, design models and material qualification processes all require expertise, experience and resources from a trusted and reliable partner - one that can provide professional and assured independent testing.

Our world-class capabilities, in-depth knowledge and extensive equipment portfolio, allow Intertek CAPCIS to provide high quality advanced mechanical and fatigue testing services. Providing bespoke solutions, we can satisfy individual customer requirements, helping identify and mitigate risk, whilst meeting testing, timeline and product needs.

Our purpose-built, state-of-the-art laboratory has the capabilities to undertake the following key activities

  • Fatigue and corrosion fatigue testing
  • Fatigue crack growth rate measurements
  • Fracture toughness testing
  • Tensile testing
  • Slow strain rate testing
  • Advanced material characterisation
  • Bespoke test design and consultation

Our experts assess materials susceptibility to corrosion in extreme environments for many industries including oil & gas, nuclear and petrochemical, automotive, renewables and submarine technologies whilst our metallurgy and forensic investigation teams frequently conduct fracture mechanical studies when assessing cracks and defects and their impact on critical component performance.

Intertek CAPCIS offers a full suite of mechanical testing capabilities for fitness-for-service qualification of corrosion-resistant alloys, steels, assembled components, polymers and composites in a wide range of test environments.

Our world class expertise, in-depth knowledge and extensive equipment portfolio allow us to provide Total Quality Assured advanced mechanical testing and consultancy services.

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