Non-metallic materials testing and the selection of compatible materials allow industrial components to achieve resistance to harsh operating environments.

Intertek Capcis

Performing non-metallic materials testing to explore the compatibility and durability of materials becomes a necessity where equipment is required to operate in rigorous environments. Many non-metallic components and coatings offer excellent resistance to severe industrial conditions. They also represent a cost-effective alternative to expensive corrosion-resistant alloys.

However, these materials can suffer degradation by a number of mechanisms and their suitability, including chemical compatibility and fitness for purpose, needs to be ascertained by non-metallic materials testing. 

As well as being resistant to prevailing industrial environments, non-metallic materials need to be compatible with production chemicals and endure operational events such as rapid decompression. 

Choosing us to deliver your non-metallic materials testing will give you the confidence that your equipment has been optimised for maximum durability and longevity. 

Intertek CAPCIS has five decades of materials and chemical compatibility testing experience, performance evaluation and lifetime prediction. These disciplines can be applied to umbilical hoses, flexible pipe, seals, linings and coatings and items for downhole oil and gas service. 

Cathodic disbondment, chemical and seawater immersion testing and evaluations of ageing in produced fluids can be conducted under ambient or high-pressure, high-temperature conditions in our autoclave facilities. 

From our dedicated Total Quality Assurance laboratories, we can conduct testing on glass-reinforced epoxy liner systems for downhole tubing. Additionally, coatings and linings can be exposed in order to evaluate and qualify them for subsea and oilfield service.

Moving beyond non-metallic materials testing, we can provide your business with a full suite of related materials testing and selection services across a wide range of industries and locations worldwide. 

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