Our oilfield microbiology services, ranging from legionella management to training courses and research and development, are designed to safeguard your assets.

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Applying oilfield microbiology is crucial to the success of oil and gas projects. The intricacies of microbiological life and its myriad permutations mean that an ongoing challenge exists to understand, monitor and mitigate its negative effects. 

Microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) is a potentially catastrophic result of unchecked bacterial activity and can seriously compromise the integrity of materials and important infrastructure. Reservoir souring also has the potential to jeopardise oil and gas projects and understanding its mechanics is key to mitigating its risks, such as diminished oil quality and the toxic effects of hydrogen sulphide. 

Further microbiological challenges are presented by the maintenance of offshore health and hygiene. Potable water testing and the undertaking of legionella risk assessments, which is required by law, are measures necessary to safeguard employee wellbeing. 

Commissioning oilfield microbiology research and development and customising training are also important priorities within the competitive oil and gas industry. 

To investigate, discuss and address your oilfield microbiology needs, you need an experienced, reliable partner to offer world-class knowledge and support in both onshore and offshore environments. 

Informed by decades of experience and independent research and development, we provide a complete range of oilfield microbiology Total Quality Assurance solutions designed to comply with legislation and best practice.

From reservoir souring prediction and mitigation, biocide and chemical testing and offshore water and legionella management to microbiological surveys and training, our Total Quality Assurance experts present clear, concise explanations of microbiological activity in the oilfield.  

Distributed from either the UK or the US, we also supply microbiology media test kits for reliable onsite monitoring. 

Through years of innovation and the development of new technologies such as the application of molecular methods, we have established a global reputation for delivering trusted and reliable oilfield microbiology services.

Many of our microbiologists, chemists, geologists and engineers are experts in their fields, possessing capabilities in areas such as modelling, risk assessments and the development of efficient management programmes. With centres of excellence and cutting-edge laboratories in over 100 countries, our specialists and facilities are strategically placed to meet the needs of the oil and gas industry.

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Upcoming Training Courses: 

  • 2 Day Oilfield Microbiology Course
  • 1 Day Offshore Legionella Awareness Course
  • 1 Day Offshore Legionella Awareness Course for Duty Holders
  • 1 Day Offshore Legionella Awareness Course (Short & Refresher)
  • 2 Day Offshore Legionella and Water Hygiene Management Course
  • Oil in Water Training Course

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