Intertek’s oil and gas upstream exploration and production services offer independent integrated laboratory testing and solutions for reservoir and production optimisation.

Oil and gas upstream exploration and production services are imperative, not only at the exploration and appraisal phases of conventional and unconventional reservoirs, but throughout all production operations.

The upstream services we offer extend from concept and design to testing and solutions, in the areas of enhanced oil and gas recovery, PVT and reservoir fluid phase behaviour, special core analysis, petroleum geology and geochemistry, reservoir formation evaluation, flow assurance and production chemistry, drilling and completion fluids evaluation and field and wellsite services.

Laboratory data provided by upstream services are used by oil and gas companies to characterise reservoir fluids, determine storage capacity and the ability of fluids to flow through porous media and analyse multiphase flow of produced fluids in pipelines.

These upstream exploration and production Total Quality Assurance services are designed to maximise oil and gas recovery and minimise risks during production operations. 

Intertek’s scientists, engineers, geologists and technicians are located to meet your needs globally and are supported by centres of excellence around the world. 

Our mission is to provide high-quality and timely services to develop innovative solutions for today's exploration and production challenges. 

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