Flow and volume metering and calibration services for hydrocarbons.

Metering and meter calibration expertise for storage tanks and terminals, pipelines, chemical plants, refineries, and offshore platforms is provided by  Intertek. A complete range of volume and flow measurement services serving the petroleum refining and oil and gas industries is available. Services include meter proving, metrology expertise, volume, flow, precision on-line and at-line measurement and related meter-calibration services.

  • On-line and At-line Process Analyzers

  • Liquid Measurement Services
  • Meter Calibration and Repairs
  • Certified Hose Testing, Certified Process Pipe Testing
  • Fuel Meter Sales, Fuel Meter Repairs, New and Reconditioned

  • Wet and dry bulk cargo holding tanks
  • LNG Services (Ship and Shore LNG Tanks)

  • Turbine Meter Proving and Calibration
  • Positive Displacement Meter Proving and Calibration
  • Liquid Meter Proving and Calibration
  • Liquid and Gas Densitometer Calibration
  • Pipeline flow and revenue allocation
  • Fiscal prover Calibration, Fiscal Meter Calibration
  • High Volume Meter Proving and Calibration
  • Flow Meter Proving
  • Orifice Plate Calibration
  • Mass Flow Meter Calibration
  • Oil and Gas Fiscal Flow Measurements
  • Calibration of Third Party Compact Provers
  • Measurement Devices Control and Verification
  • Electrical, Optical Measurements 
  • Temperature, Humidity
  • Dimensional, Liquid Flow, Pressure
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