Floating Piston Cylinder (FPC) portable sample vessel inspection and repair services, per US DOT guidance.

Intertek provides professional inspection and repair services for Floating Piston Cylinders (FPC) portable sample vessels in the USA, provided by an experienced and certified team with significant industry knowledge and experience.

Floating Piston Cylinders (FPC) are sampling vessels designed to handle hydrocarbon samples at high pressure, including natural gas, liquid petroleum gases (LPG), and other sample types. Floating Piston Cylinders are commonly used to collect, transport, and store gas or liquid hydrocarbons, regardless of pressure and temperature.

Why Floating Piston Cylinders should be inspected:

The US Department of Transportation exemption, DOT-E 8757, states that each cylinder must be visibly reinspected at least once a year to determine that there has been no deterioration of seals, and to ensure that the physical integrity of the cylinder has not been adversely affected by scratches, dents and gouges. 

Floating Piston Cylinder inspection and repair includes:

  • Cylinder was refurbished in accordance with DOT-E-8757
  • All seals and seats replaced 
  • All Rupture disc replaced 
  • Inspected for deterioration, dents, scratches, and gouges 
  • Tie rods tightened to manufacture recommended torque specs 
  • Level indicator tubing replaced 
  • Cylinder thoroughly cleaned 
  • Gauge checked for accuracy against certified gauges 
  • Cylinder Leak test performed using certified gauges
Floating piston cylinder sample vessels inspected and repaired include DuraSite™, Welker™, and others. High pressure sample vessels are often referred to as "sample bombs".