Pipeline testing and inspection for crude oil, fuel, and chemicals.

Intertek Caleb Brett

Intertek pipeline field and laboratory services assist pipeline operators and shippers, helping clients maintain hydrocarbons product quality and meet regulatory compliance and pipeline carrier product specifications. 

Field sampling at strategic points along the pipeline and terminals, along with rapid and experienced laboratory analysis, help the client understand and identify problems quickly and effectively, helping pipeline customers formulate and implement rapid corrective action if needed. Pipeline products sampled and tested include crude oil, petroleum refined products, chemicals, condensates, fuels, etc.

Pipeline testing and inspection:

American Petroleum Institute (API)

    Pipeline products tested and sampled:

    Pipeline service locations:

    • Offshore Facilities
    • Refineries
    • Petrochemical Plants
    • Storage Tanks
    • Pumping Stations
    • Storage Terminals
    • Custody Transfer Points

    Additional pipeline services:


    Caleb Brett Cargo Inspection & Analytical Assessment Services

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