API Inspector Examination Preparation Blended Learning Course


Intertek Industry Services, in conjunction with CKRC Training, have developed a comprehensive 3-month blended learning program using both online study with instructor led facilitation. The courses are designed to maximise API Inspector examinations first time success while minimising the impact that exam preparation will have on your working schedule.

Content is developed to cover all aspects of the relevant API Body of Knowledge online, approved for a specific examination sitting.


Online and accessible for your convenience 24/7 during the 3-month course

Individual students have access to the eLearning course material as well as Skype sessions with the facilitator on our open course programs.

Corporate clients can have a closed program for their inspectors which includes access to a private online hub, Skype sessions with the facilitator as well as 5-day onsite training before the API examination.

API ICP Examinations Online Course Schedule (3 month duration):


 CertificationCourse Duration     Exam Date Range  Exam Application
 API 570 - Piping Inspector     20 Feb. - 30 June09-30 June07 April
 API 653 - Above Ground Storage Tank03 Apr. - 04 Aug.14 July - 04 Aug.12 May
 API 580 - Risk-Based InspectionBookings on request11 Aug. - 01 Sept.09 June
 API 510 - Pressure Equipment Inspector22 May - 20 Sept.08-29 Sept.07 July
 API 570 - Piping Inspector26 June - 03 Nov.13 Oct. - 03 Nov.11 August
 API 653 - Above Ground Storage Tank24 July - 24 Nov.03-24 Nov.01 September
 API 580 - Risk-Based InspectionBookings on request01-22 Dec.29 September 


Our suite of API online and classroom courses is recommended for personnel who are involved in or responsible for the maintenance and inspection of pressure vessels, pressurised pipework or above ground storage tanks:

  • Inspectors
  • Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Asset  Integrity Engineers
  • Engineering Management
  • Statutory or Regulatory Representatives
  • Inspection Management 


Being an API accredited inspector gives the global industry confidence that inspections are conducted professionally, with competent inspectors who are knowledgeable in the relevant industry codes and standards.

Failure to successfully pass the API Inspector examination carries reputational and financial consequences, but with an over 90 % pass rate, training program and course material that is updated on a regular basis by our experienced facilitators still active in the industry, you can increase your chance of first-time success while minimising the impact that preparation will have on your work schedule.

About the Instructor:

Our course developer and lead lecturer, Mr. Kevin R. Maley, is a Senior Inspection Engineer/ Authorized Inspector of pressurized equipment and Quality Assurance/ Control Specialist for the inspection, testing, and certification of new and in-service equipment. He has 21 years' experience in fabrication shops, in-service condition inspection and repair of equipment within petrochemical, power, utility, pulp, and nuclear environments (currently focused mainly within the petrochemical field). He is an experienced and patient lecturer who has been directly involved in and responsible for the development of effective and professional training material for API ICP 510,570,553 and 580 inspector examinations since 2007.  Kevin currently maintains his certification in all the primary API ICP certification and holds ASNT NDT Level Ill certification in the MT, PT, RT & VT methods.

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