Expediting is a real-time task, which often demands pro-active responses to situations as they occur. In many cases it’s impossible to be on-site with every supplier around the world, so there is a need for trusted local expeditors with in-depth knowledge of procurement, production and delivery processes.

Large-scale projects and the supply of critical goods and equipment can involve complex international supply chains, with items procured from suppliers in multiple countries. Late delivery from any one supplier can have an impact on the whole chain, preventing projects from being completed on time and on budget. Expediting means taking any action necessary to ensure that deliveries are made on time and to specification.

As your expediting partner, Intertek Moody experts are your eyes and ears, working with every link in your supply chain to keep you on schedule.

Our experienced, qualified professionals are strategically located in the world’s most active industrial centers, ready to work directly with your suppliers to make sure your materials and equipment are delivered on time and to specification.

Intertek Moody's expediting services include preventative checks designed to pre-empt potential delays. The process includes, but is not limited to, order verification, review of production schedules and specifications, as well as validation of packaging and shipping details. We monitor production, making you aware of any delays or revisions, and give you an independent overview of progress. We also help to manage production milestones, and work to get things back on schedule if deadlines are missed.

Effective expediting ensures delivery of your product is completed on schedule, saves money by actively working to improve delivery times, and reduces the risks associated with delays in the supply chain.

As a global provider of expediting services, our reputation is built on our experience working on some of the largest and most technical projects of the past 100+ years. The Intertek Moody global network of highly qualified Total Quality Assurance expeditors gives you access to expertise and valuable local knowledge, wherever your suppliers are located.

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