Safety and quality are major concerns, and managing these at each phase – planning, design, procurement, site construction and subsequent maintenance – calls for an integrated approach to project management.

It is the nature of large-scale construction, engineering and energy capital expenditure projects that complications could arise anywhere along the supply chain and at any stage of the project life cycle.

Every project is distinct, and their safe, successful completion demands input from a diverse range of disciplines. Projects can also be geographically diverse with complex international supply chains. This diversity makes an integrated approach to project management both challenging and essential.

In response to these requirements, integrated services solutions provide tailored packages of services designed to support and manage safety and quality at all stages of the project lifecycle. 

As a leading provider of technical services for the global energy, engineering and construction industries, you can rely on Intertek to deliver expert integrated solutions. We can help optimize the engineering and technical aspects of every phase of your project, including planning, design, procurement, site construction and maintenance. 

We understand that every company and every project is unique, which is why no two integrated services solutions are alike. We offer bespoke packages tailored to meet your specific needs, from improving performance in one specific area to managing entire supply chains. 

Solutions may include health and safety support and consultancy, procurement support and vendor inspection services, expediting, technical auditing and a host of other services designed to ensure the safety, quality and efficiency of your project. 

We take a strategic Total Quality Assurance approach to planning support and management services, with the aim of providing sustainable solutions that deliver long-term benefits. 

While every solution is different, with our support you will be able to boost efficiency, increase quality and reduce costs. 

Benefit from our global supplier knowledge for more cost effective procurement, utilize our staffing services to manage fluctuating technical personnel requirements, or take advantage of our global operations to work with local experts familiar with your operating centers. Whatever you need, a bespoke integrated services solution will create tangible benefits for your project and your business. 

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