Complex supply chains need to be managed in a way that minimizes risk, reduces cost and delay, improves safety and quality, and ensures compliance with local and international standards. All these considerations make quality vendor inspection services essential.

Intertek Moody provides a complete solution, covering every aspect of supply chain management. Our global network of competent, qualified experts is strategically located to serve the world’s major industrial suppliers, and supported by more than 60 operational offices worldwide. From one-day visits to long-term residencies, our technical specialists are on hand to carry out inspection and verification services whenever and wherever you need them.  To help our global customers maintain supply chain and operational timelines when health and safety restrictions challenge business continuity, we offer Remote Video Inspection (RVI) solutions to minimize disruptions to your business.

Our inspectors will detect problems earlier in the supply process, saving you re-work and replacement costs as well as ensuring that your product or plant is delivered on time.  

Intertek Moody is recognized as the leading Total Quality Assurance provider of technical inspection services for the global energy market, a reputation built on our experience providing vendor inspection services for some of the largest and most technical projects of the last 100+ years.

We have expert staff in the world’s major industrial centers, providing timely and cost-effective support, with the added value of in-depth local knowledge.  In order to keep pace with changing technology and service requirements, we are dedicated to the continued training, development and competency validation of our staff.

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