Deploying remote real-time video inspection using smart phones, tablets and smart glasses to help maintain global supply chains and operational timelines.

To help our global customers maintain supply chain and operational timelines when business continuity is challenged, we offer Remote Video Inspection (RVI) solutions to minimize disruptions to your business. Driven by Intertek’s expert and experienced technical inspectors located around the world, remote visual inspections enable quality control and quality assurance activities to continue to maintain manufacturing schedules without compromising safety and quality.

Intertek’s remote inspection involves live-streamed audio-video conferencing as well as advanced functionalities that will assist the inspection process such as on-screen telestration, document sharing, camera zoom and flash-light control, on-screen chat, and screen captures and annotations. 

It requires the personnel located at the facility to possess an iOS or Android smart device with an in-built camera (smart phone, tablet or smart glasses) on which they will download the “app” (software application) specified by Intertek. The Intertek remote inspection team will then permit them to participate in a secure “virtual room” to collaborate and to which other parties will connect. The personnel invited to view the activities remotely will be instructed to download (or will already have) the app specified by Intertek for them to also connect to the virtual room by means of a secure key. Audio and video feeds are encrypted using the universal Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption.

The client, Intertek technical expert, other Intertek colleagues and relevant third parties who are either on-site at the facility or off-site in an office or home will have multi-party communication (up to 10 participants) during the remote inspection so that they may direct the personnel located at the facility to look at, move or focus on another piece of equipment as necessary. In conjunction with remote visual inspection, Intertek can undertake remote review of documentation where it is made available in any of the usual electronic formats such as PDF and PowerPoint.

 Remote Inspection

It is imperative that approval to proceed with the inspection using Intertek’s remote inspection technology is received from the vendor, client and any relevant third parties as applicable. It is essential to have cooperation from the vendor at whose facility the inspection is to take place.

Some of the key benefits of remote video inspection include: 

  • Business continuity — inspections can continue regardless of vendor site access or other restrictions
  • Remote location visibility solution — increase inspection frequency for customers with remote locations to mitigate the risks resulting from lack of visibility
  • Reduced travels costs and carbon footprint markers by reducing travel of personnel 
  • Improved personnel safety 
  • Better well-being of inspectors and auditors through reduced travel fatigue
  • Increased efficiency for customers and inspectors
  • Access to Intertek’s global network of technical experts regardless to location

Common third-party vendor inspection scenarios to which remote video inspection can apply include witnessing, supervision, evidence and monitoring. 

Remote inspections can provide easy, real-time access to experts. Using secure, cloud-based collaboration technology at vendor sites provides security and very high-quality video even at very-low bandwidth situations (>100kb/s). Complementing our innovative remote visual inspection technology is our extensive global network of offices and an unrivalled ability to supply qualified and experienced inspectors locally, without the need to incur cross-border travel risks.  

Intertek developed a comprehensive standard operating process, ensuring superior efficiency, quality and reliable performance instilling confidence in our entire remote video inspection solution.  Having confidence in the inspection technology and process is necessary. In line with our customers and most vendors/suppliers, we have developed a screening process intended for completion by our inspectors prior to deployment. This process supplements the requirements implemented by our customers and their vendors/suppliers giving you confidence that inspectors will comply with site restrictions and be admitted to carry out their duties. 

Remote Video Inspection

Minimum Requirements:

Any modern smart phone or tablet with internet connectivity. Compatible with either Android or iOS. 

Wi-Fi and cellular connections with minimum bandwidth of 100kb/s recommended for video streaming. Performance characteristics should be provided by networks with at least 3G.


    Minimum Requirements Continued:

    In remote locations with limited/no connectivity, a personal Internet dongle should be considered.

    Headphones for voice audio if working in a loud environment.

    No additional hardware is required, but on some projects Intertek personnel will use smart glasses. 

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