Crude oil quality testing for the oil & gas industry.

Intertek laboratories test crude oil quality for important physical and chemical properties. Detailed crude oil assay quality test data helps place a commercial value on crude oil feedstocks during commercial transactions, and helps determine optimal feedstock choices for refineries.

Crude oil is tested by experienced petroleum chemists working with samples obtained from petroleum cargo tankers, reservoirs, pipelines, storage tanks, refineries, E&P projects, and other sources. Intertek is the leading provider of crude oil testing and assay services, with a global network of strategically located petroleum laboratories. Testing protocols include ASTM, IP, ISO, and others.

Crude oil testing:

Refinery petroleum feedstock testing:

Intertek Interpret:

Interpret is a rapid crude oil quality monitoring tool which provides deep insights about the value of the crude oil and its values and margins when refining. 

Intertek Interpret provides clients with rapid access to vital data required to make informed decisions on product quality, thus saving time and cost whilst maximizing output.  Interpret combines Intertek’s global modeling expertise, technically advanced software and a vast crude oil database to empower our clients with real-time, traceable insight on crude oil compositions. 



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