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Faced with using time-consuming conventional methods to measure specific hydrocarbon attributes, oil and gas clients are looking for innovative solutions to help them improve efficiency and data accuracy during hydrocarbon refining. With Interpret, Intertek delivers a global, dynamic solution for faster, real-time data giving greater process insight.
Within production and refining environments, composition measurement data as well as characterisation analysis and evaluation are critical for oil and gas clients as they seek to increase productivity to meet ever-increasing global demand, reduce operating and production costs and ultimately grow profits.
Intertek Interpret provides clients with rapid access to vital data required to make informed decisions on product quality and quantity, thus saving time and cost whilst also maximising output.
Intertek is the only company in the world that combines global modelling expertise, technically advanced software and a vast crude oil database to empower our clients with real-time, traceable insight on crude oil compositions.
From exploration and production to primary logistics, refining, retail and beyond, Intertek Interpret gives you confidence and peace of mind throughout your entire supply chain by quickly delivering the information you need to make informed operational decisions.
Intertek Interpret is an advanced suite of software that includes:
InBlend  — Intertek’s online non-linear chemometrics analysis package uses advanced spectrum analysis, combined with state-of-the-art topological modelling, to produce fast and accurate data for measuring the properties of hydrocarbon streams.
InFlow — Our proprietary approach for assessing deposition of wax and asphaltene in blended crude oils has been applied to blending activities for refinery crude, heavy fuel oil and marine fuel.
InProcess — Our big data analytics software package breaks down and analyses large datasets consisting of millions of data points to provide easy-to-use information.  Applications include, but are not limited to, maximizing refinery diesel fraction and offshore process troubleshooting.

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