Our sample cylinder and equipment rental services streamline the process of sending samples and remove the need for storage space and additional contracts.

Sample cylinder and equipment rental can consolidate a range of services sought by oil and gas organisations.

Finding, purchasing, transporting and storing sample cylinders can be a costly and time-consuming task, particularly for businesses that only require sample testing intermittently. 

When the need for packing and sending samples for analysis arises, there are a range of options available, many of which involve the allocation of time, resources and space. 

However, sourcing reliable and efficient sample cylinder and equipment rental can remove the need for additional research, contracts, paperwork, cylinder sourcing and transportation.

At Intertek, our sample cylinder and equipment rental options are trusted and valued by a wide range of clients in the oil and gas industry. 

Specialised Sample Cylinders

We can offer rental of specialised sample cylinders, which are coated internally to handle samples that contain volatile elements and compounds such as mercury and hydrogen sulphide. 

Sample Cylinder Maintenance and Return

To save you time and resources, our team can clean and prepare your cylinders for further use prior to returning them to you. 

Sample Cylinder Repair

If any damage has been sustained to the gauges or valves during transit or handling, we can repair or replace the affected components.

Sample Cylinder Rental

Should you not have the sample cylinders necessary for your sample analysis tasks, we can provide a range of models for you, subject to their availability. This will remove the need for you to store and maintain large numbers of cylinders that may not be used on a regular basis.  

Third-Party Sample Cylinder Rental

In the instance that third-party cylinder sourcing is required, we can rent from third-parties and process the administration and billing on your behalf, helping you to save time and resources.  

Sample Cylinder Re-Certification

It is a statutory legal requirement to re-certify your pressure test sample cylinders at least every five years. We can track your re-certification deadlines and manage the whole process in your stead.  

As well as sample cylinder rental, we provide a full range of Total Quality Assurance production support services, including oilfield laboratory consumables supply, oil and gas laboratory design and procurement and offshore laboratory equipment and supplies.

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