Our oilfield laboratory consumables supply options allow oil and gas organisations to save space and time when operating onshore and offshore laboratories.

Oilfield laboratory consumables supply represents a viable and time-saving option for equipping oil and gas laboratories.

Fixed-term projects in the oil and gas industry often require the establishment of laboratories in onshore and offshore locations.

However, issues such as ongoing contracts equate to shifting completion dates, making it problematic to predict how long resources, equipment and consumables will be required for. 

The oilfield laboratory consumables supply options we offer remove the need for long-term storage space and the time-consuming sourcing of much-needed products.

Supplementing the limited and basic supplies needed to operate laboratories, we can source, package and send your consumables as and when you require them.

Utilising our oilfield laboratory consumables supply can save you significant time, money and paperwork, allowing you to focus on your core tasks. Our Total Quality Assurance services cover the provision of any equipment typically used in oil and gas onshore and offshore laboratories, including laboratory chemicals, reagents, equipment and glassware.

Additionally, we offer sample cylinder and equipment rental, enabling us to source, repair and manage the re-certification of sample cylinders on your behalf.

Opting for us as your oilfield laboratory consumables supply partner will give you the options and flexibility you need to successfully complete key oil and gas projects.

With over three decades of experience in the exploration and production industry, we have forged a reputation for delivering quality services and adding value to our clients’ businesses.

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