Specialised sample cylinders are increasingly required by the oil and gas industry to handle samples containing volatile elements and compounds, including mercury and hydrogen sulphide.

Specialised sample cylinders are used by offshore chemists in the oil and gas industry to transport live crude, gas and water samples from offshore to onshore laboratories for testing.

All offshore installation operators must undertake sampling and analysis for a variety of reasons, including self-monitoring of their contaminants, discharges and emissions.

Over time, legislation and specifications have become stricter due to a heightened awareness of the impact these substances have on the environment and oil and gas platform infrastructure.

Allowable levels have therefore been steadily reduced in line with these findings, creating a greater need for specialised sample cylinders and analysis services.

At Intertek, our Production Support teams have the capabilities and equipment to handle contaminated samples. By providing our in-house specialised sample cylinders, we are meeting increased demand for these more focused services.

Our specialised sample cylinders are coated to allow the safe and effective transportation of samples containing mercury and hydrogen sulphide.

This prevents these substances from adhering to the internal surfaces of standard stainless steel cylinders and rendering the analysis of your samples unreliable.

Further to specialised sample cylinders rental, our accredited laboratories can also offer related analyses and services, including crude oil assay, hydrocarbon characterisation, water analysis, technical manpower supply, solids and deposits analysis and laboratory design and procurement.

Choosing us to deliver your vital oil and gas services will offer you peace of mind that experienced and reliable Total Quality Assured teams are working to further your business, leaving you to focus on your core activities.

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