Petroleum geochemistry reservoir development and management.

Intertek Westport petroleum geochemists support clients across the world with reservoir development and management using our Total Quality Assurance approach.

Checking for geochemical fingerprints:

Multi-disciplinary geochemical services: 

Analytical techniques performed and utilized by Westport geochemists:

  • Biomarker analysis
  • Carbon and Deuterium Isotope Mass Spectrometry
  • SARA Heavy Oil Analysis
  • Whole Oil and Gas GC Analysis
  • Fingerprint Analysis of Gas, Oil, and Water

Natural gas geochemistry is a powerful exploration tool, especially in younger basins that contain biogenic gases. Analysis of natural gas provides data regarding the composition of gas and isotopic content. These tests help determine the origin and maturity of the gas and enhance understanding of reservoir continuity. 

Oil and Gas Geochemistry

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