Our microbiology media test kits allow for the detection and quantification of the microorganisms in the oil and gas industry.

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Microbiology media test kits are in increasing demand within the oil and gas industry as organisations seek to conduct straightforward and robust in-house testing of production fluids.

The internal testing of waters and other fluids is a regular occurrence, making outsourcing small-scale analyses impractical both in terms of the timeframes and costs involved. The relative ease of use of media test kits in remote environments provides the practical and consistent solution.

As a global Total Quality Assurance operator, we provide oil and gas organisations worldwide with reliable and versatile microbiology media test kits that conform to particular guidelines and are produced to the highest standards.  

Utilising the most probable number method, the bacterial growth media detect and quantify the microorganisms responsible for microbiologically influenced corrosion and other problematic microbial populations.   

Our test media can be made to any salinity level you require. Strengths available from stock include freshwater, seawater, produced water and brine. 

Each of our microbiology media test kits is compliant with NACE, ICorrST and/or API guidelines and are fully checked under ISO 9000 standards to ensure they are of the highest quality prior to dispatch. 

Contact us for an informal discussion and to match your needs to our specific microbiology media test kits. Please contact our experts regarding safety data sheets (SDS).

We can offer preferential pricing for large orders and shipping is available from the UK or the USA.

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