Vessel sampling is among our extensive water quality capabilities and can assist in fulfilling your health and safety and supply chain responsibilities.

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Independent vessel sampling forms part of many operators’ efforts to maintain safe potable water supplies in the oil and gas industry.

Conducting regular checks and developing strategies on initiative rather than out of necessity not only demonstrates compliance with the law, but also represents good practice and conscientiousness.

With an ever-changing industry landscape and the variation of regulations from region-to-region, ensuring your vessel sampling and potable water testing practices satisfy all relevant regulations can be a challenge. 

Possessing decades of experience and world-class knowledge in this niche area of oilfield microbiology, we are the ideal Total Quality Assurance partner to deliver reliable vessel sampling services.

At every step we will work to safeguard the quality of your samples. Once collected, we ensure that all samples are brought back to our laboratories within the tight timeframe required to guarantee representative and accurate analysis and results.

In addition to offshore facilities, our services cover onshore storage tanks to assist you in validating the quality and effectiveness of your shoreside water management systems.

Should you receive repeated unsatisfactory results, our experienced representatives can conduct potable water audits of your vessels and their water management systems and recommend measures to improve them. Alongside other independent consultants and occupational health advisors, we have contributed to the Marine Safety Forum guidelines, positioning us as an authority and trusted provider of vessel sampling services.

As members of the Marine Safety Forum, our dedicated team discusses and implements best practice in collaboration with vessel owners, charters and shipping agencies.

Complementing our vessel sampling services, we provide a full range of exploration and production solutions, including potable water testing, legionella risk assessments and water system disinfection.

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