Biocide and chemical testing is fundamental to oil and gas production and increases understanding of the effects chemicals have on materials and processes.

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Engaging independent biocide and chemical testing expertise forms an important part of any strategy to manage the negative effects of unchecked microbial activity on oil and gas infrastructure.

Microbial influenced corrosion (MIC) and reservoir souring are two major threats to unimpeded operations. Detecting and quantifying the microorganisms involved in these processes and pairing it with biocide and chemical evaluation testing is the first step in planning and implementing appropriate control measures.

The changing industry landscape poses significant challenges to oil and gas organisations, which include varying regulations, changing legislation and remaining within budget. As a result, it has never been more important to consider and adopt the most proficient strategies to assure continuous production while preserving assets and infrastructure. 

Providing valued oilfield microbiology support for more than decades, we are ideally positioned to perform the independent biocide and chemical testing you require.

Biocide and Chemical Testing

Biocide Efficiency Trials - Our biocide screening trials against planktonic and/or sessile microbial populations can be performed under varying temperature and salinity conditions, depending on your needs.

Biocide Optimisation - Gain guidance on biocide optimisation, from the usage and dosing of biocides, the conducting of field trials and the set-up of sidestreams sessile monitoring devices.

Chemical Trials - Trials can be performed to investigate the biocidal or synergistic effects of production chemicals, such as corrosion inhibitors. 

Nitrate Optimisation - Nitrate treatments are systematically planned, trialled and implemented in our laboratories to maximise success and minimise unforeseen negative consequences. 

Chemical Studies

Microbial Influenced Corrosion - Strengthen your MIC-mitigation strategies with lab or field-based investigations into the use of corrosion coupons and monitoring probes.

Reservoir Souring Studies - Determine the risk of souring through our fixed-film upflow bioreactors (FFUBR), which we apply to simulate reservoirs utilising seawater or produced-water injection.

From our regional offices and centres of excellence, our Total Quality Assurance consultants will work alongside you to tailor your biocide and chemical testing plans and maximise your resources through chemical optimisation. 

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