Intertek’s failure analysis and investigation services identify root causes of failures to improve future performance and reduce cost.

Failure analysis and investigation can determine the root cause of failure should your product, component or asset fail or not perform as expected. The findings provide you with the insight to solve the problem, take remedial action and prevent recurrence.

At Intertek, our scientists, technicians, engineers and inspectors are highly experienced and are experts in fields such as automotive technology, aerospace, rail, mechanical and electrical engineering, foundry technology, material science (metallurgy, ceramics and polymers), chemicals, non-destructive testing, industrial forensics, food services, pharmaceuticals,power and nuclear generation and medical device, consumer goods and building & construction.

Our solutions range from simple to complex. We:

  • Conduct analyses on failed engineering components
  • Resolve failure issues for medical devices
  • Rotating machinery, such as turbines and engines
  • Mechanical failure analysis of heavy equipment, such as cranes, lifts, excavation equipment
  • Forensic investigation of machinery, refineries, petrochemical facilities and pipelines
  • Investigate causes of boiler tube failure in power plants, explosions and water losses
  • Discover why materials, metals, ceramics, polymers and composites fail. 
  • Troubleshoot contamination issues
  • Help improve product quality for consumer and retail goods as a result of a failure
  • Dissect failed lithium-ion batteries
  • Non-lithium battery chemistries
  • Test the total environment of products
  • Integrate operations, microscale, and microstructure data

Additionally, we work to your unique requirements, whether you need a simple failure analysis or a comprehensive failure investigation that involves consultancy, investigation and intensive laboratory work and a diverse range of expertise.

Our international network of offices and professional global reach means that we can also provide related solutions, such as expert witness services in liability disputes or complex litigation cases and work alongside insurance companies and law firms.  

By partnering with us, you can have Total Quality Assurance that our world-class expertise will guide you through the entire process and provide the independent testing required for your failure analysis and investigation.

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