Extensive failure analysis for polymers, plastics, and composite materials to investigate a wide array of possible failure scenarios

Expert failure analysis of plastics and polymers involves investigation and measurement of the properties and characteristics of fibres, films and membranes, polymers, engineering plastics, composites, coatings and paints, in order to determine the cause of the problem.

Polymeric failures can happen at any time, and skilled insight is required to investigate polymer properties and characteristics which are measured in order to determine the cause of failure. 

Intertek determines root cause and solution for polymer and plastic materials failure analysis, providing problem-solving and solutions for failure-related problems. 

Our polymer laboratories are staffed by scientists and technicians with significant expertise in multi-disciplinary failure investigation applications. Our includes experience with design faults, moulding issues, stress, overload, degradation, unintentional service conditions, misuse and even sabotage. 

Intertek scientists have a very wide knowledge of plastics and polymers raw material production processes, polymerisation technology, moulding processes and end-user applications, which vary from simple packaging films through consumer goods to advanced aerospace materials.

Polymer and Plastic Failure Analysis Testing

  • Additives in polymers and elastomers, and related problems
  • Contaminants and inclusions
  • Mechanical failure
  • Chemical attack
  • Trace chemical analysis
  • Oxidative degradation
  • Failure of fibre-reinforced composites
  • Weathering
  • Environmental stress and cracking
  • Residual stresses and weld lines
  • Polymer odour, tainting and outgassing problems
  • Adhesion problems with polymers and interfaces
  • Voids, blisters, nibs and other surface defects
  • Polymer discoloration
  • Problematic samples

Contact our specialist team to discuss the these and many more ways in which our failure analysis work may be relevant to your company, including liability disputes or ongoing litigation issues.

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