Automotive Polymers and Plastics Testing supporting development, innovation, processing and performance of polymer materials, compounds and components

Automotive polymer materials and plastics are essential in the design and manufacture of automotive components. From door panels, flooring and engine components, light weight plastic materials help to realize better fuel efficiency and allows engineers to create innovative designs that are durable and strong, yet attractive.

Automotive polymers and plastics must meet performance specifications for the intended use and specifications set by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). All stakeholders in the automotive polymers supply chain require robust testing conducted under recognized quality standards in order to meet the OEM’s quality standards whilst ensuring that supplies of polymer materials and components are of consistently high-quality.

Across the life cycle of automotive polymer materials, from innovation, compounding, processing, performance testing, manufacturing and recycling, we offer an exceptionally wide range of independent testing and consultancy solutions, delivered by our automotive polymer scientists and processing engineers.

Our automotive plastics testing capabilities include functionality testing, perceptivity testing, weathering and environmental testing, physical testing, chemical resistance and chemical testing for automotive interiors and exteriors. Our automotive materials failure services help clients to resolve and prevent failures through identifying root causes of degradation, malfunction, damage, ageing, misuse, stress and processing issues.

To support the development of automotive polymers processing, our injection moulding, extrusion and compounding facilities help to troubleshoot processing issues, select materials and support product innovation – particularly where new materials are being investigated.

The Intertek team has decades of experience working with OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, compounders, materials producers, additive manufacturers and recycling companies, providing testing and consultancy services for their materials and components.

Our laboratories are equipped with advanced analytical equipment and operate under relevant quality standards such as ISO 17025, UKAS or A2LA and are recognized by many OEMs to have extensive knowledge of international standards. This includes a broad range of ISO, DIN, VDA and ASTM standards and automotive manufacturers’ standards.

With a focus on efficiency, we help to reduce your costs and support your business goals. With Intertek as your outsourcing partner, we can reduce your time to market through our polymer expertise, which is fully integrated with the global automotive, polymer and polymer-related industry networks.

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