Intertek’s expertise provides your business with the data it needs to meet ASTM and ISO standards for quality and assessment of plastics and polymeric materials including composites, elastomers, films and more.

Intertek assess the quality and chemical, mechanical and thermal properties of plastics, polymers and composite materials to ASTM and ISO standards.  We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality test data. Intertek’s experts supply clients with all the data they need to understand the performance and properties of their polymer materials, allowing them to and make business and technical decisions. Intertek Testlopedia® pages provide only the basic information on ASTM and ISO polymer and plastic test techniques carried out in Intertek. They are intentionally generic in nature.  Standards can be obtained from appropriate standard authorities. 

For more in depth understanding of which test methods are important to ensuring your materials meet specifications and comply with industry standards please contact our engineers and scientists. Not only are they experts in the field, they can also use the data to help you achieve a clearer understanding of product properties and performance over its lifecycle.

Intertek polymer and composites testing laboratories are located on a global basis, with easy sample shipment options. Additional plastic materials tests include SAE, Mil Spec and other industry standards.









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