Shear strength of reinforced plastics, per ASTM D3846.

Intertek provides Shear Strength testing of reinforced plastics, using the ASTM D3846 test procedure.

In-Plane Shear Strength of Reinforced Plastics ASTM D3846 Scope:
This test method, ASTM D3486, evaluates the in-plane shear strength of reinforced thermosetting sheet plastics with random oriented fiber reinforcement by applying compressive load to a notched specimen of uniform width. This test was developed to provide data for materials that do not provide acceptable data using the Short Beam Strength method in ASTM D2344.

Test Procedure:
The width, thickness, and length between the notches of the specimen are measured. The specimen is placed in the fixture and the bolts are tightened to a specified torque. The specimen is loaded to failure at 1.3 mm/min (0.050 in/min). The sheared area is measured and used to calculate the Shear Strength.

Specimen size:
Test specimens should be 12.7mm (0.5 in.) by 79.5mm (3.13 in.) by 2.54 to 6.6mm (0.100 to 0.260 in.) thick. Two parallel slots 6.4mm (0.250 in.) apart are machined into opposite faces of the test specimen. These slots should be deep enough to pass the center point of the laminate, providing a controlled location for loading. 

In-Plane Shear Strength MPa (psi) is calculated by dividing the maximum shear load by the products of the width of the specimen and the length of the failed area.


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