Short beam shear testing for interlaminar parallel fibers, by ASTM D-2344.

Intertek offers short beam shear testing by ASTM D-2344.

Short beam shear scope: Short Beam Shear ASTM D-2344 is used to determine interlaminar shear strength of parallel fibers. It is applicable to all types of parallel fiber reinforced plastics and composites. The data can be used for research and development purposes concerned with interply strength, or prove useful in comparing composite materials.

Test procedure: The thickness and width of the test specimen are measured before conditioning. The specimen is placed on a horizontal shear test fixture so that the fibers are parallel to the loading nose. The loading nose is then used to flex the specimen at a speed of .05 inches per minute until breakage. The force is then recorded. Calculations are performed to determine shear strength.

Specimen size: The test specimens are machined from flat, finished composites.

Data: Shear strength = 0.75 x breaking load width x thickness  


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