Intertek tests Ignition Loss of Cured Reinforced Resins, per ASTM D2584.

Intertek provides testing for resin content, the Ignition Loss of Cured Reinforced Resins, using the ASTM D2584 test standard. ASTM D2584 is as well used to determine ignition loss of cured reinforced resins as to examine the remaining fiber post burning. If only glass reinforcement and organic resin were present, the ignition loss can be considered resin content.

ASTM D2584 Test Procedure:
Three 5.0 gram specimens (approximately 2.5 inch by 2.5 inch by thickness) are conditioned at standard laboratory conditions for a minimum of 40 hours. The specimens are then weighed on an analytical balance to the nearest 0.1 mg. The specimens are then placed in pre-dried, pre-weighed crucibles and placed in a muffle furnace at 565°C ± 28°C until all carbonaceous material has disappeared. The crucibles are then cooled in a desiccator. The crucibles are then reweighed. The ignition loss is calculated

Specimen size: 5.0 grams specimens (approximately 2.5 inch * 2.5 inch * thickness)

Data: The ignition loss in weight percent is calculated as follows: VC = (W1 – W2) / W1 * 100
W1 = weight of specimen
W2 = weight of residue

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