Polymer product processing support includes compounding, extrusion and injection moulding services on a lab scale

Polymer processing development with the aim of develop new products is a critical component of the polymer industry. process development can be a slow and expensive process if regular scale production facilities are used. It can also produce large amounts of expensive material that is unfit for commercial use. Without specialist help, discovering the optimal process for material polymer or plastic production can be a long and difficult endeavour.

Our global polymers and plastics laboratories can supply the analysis, testing services and guidance that your business needs quickly and at the highest level of quality. Our laboratories have decades of expertise in polymer and plastic product development. Our expertise includes troubleshooting, process optimization, formulation, physical, mechanical and thermal testing, chemical analysis, regulatory compliance and certification.

Our laboratory scale facilities can produce the short runs of materials that your business needs to research and develop its products. Our processing resources are underpinned by our expert’s many years of experience. We can assess the processability of a wide range of polymer / resin materials for multiple industry applications. This is due to our comprehensive understanding of polymer properties, including chemical testing and physical and mechanical testing. We can also assess how ageing will affect your products performance.

Intertek’s expertise help clients develop new products and materials, troubleshoot production processes, provide quality control for materials and support polymer research.  We also produce test specimens for a variety of uses, including processability studies.

Polymer and plastic pilot plant scale processing support

Intertek’s scientists provide integrated polymer testing and consultancy expertise for all types of polymer materials and processes for a range of applications such as aerospace and automotive through to packaging, medical devices and consumer products through our network of polymer laboratories located in Netherlands, United Kingdom, Switzerland and the US.

Full support at all levels
Laboratory scale polymer processing resources can help product and  process development support at all stages. We can help you from the raw material selection and material development stages all the way to the compounding and conversion production stages. From prototyping to final product, our experts can assist. Our lists of services include quality control, sample preparation, flowability, rheology, processability studies and a wide range of troubleshooting and consultation. 

A global trusted leader in polymer processing 
We can provide a global service through our network of polymer laboratories which are located in UK, Netherlands, Switzerland and the US. Our services help you to determine the properties and quality of raw materials and polymers, ensure compliance within established standards and  help develop  the safety and performance of the product.

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