Laboratory scale polymer injection moulding test services facilities to support innovation processes, and verify the quality of polymer materials

Intertek has multiple polymer injection moulding test systems with various moulds to process on a small - or large - scale plastic test specimens which can be used for quality control and verification of material specifications.The equipment is also used for laboratory scale test runs on new materials and formulations. The combination of polymer processing and characterization techniques can be used to identify material properties, for classification of plastics, to study production possibilities, for problem-solving and for the provision of consultancy in the field of plastics.

Polymer injection molding activities include the processing of lacquer plates. These plates can be used for research activities to test paints and coatings in relation to plastics. Small or large batches are tested against the latest standards demanded by industry.

Injection Moulding Applications
Intertek has an application covering an integrated combination of injection moulding equipment, a robot system and a computer controlled cutting facility. The Arburg 720S 3200-1300 has a mould with two cavities able to mould lacquer plates with dimensions of 120 x 120 x 3,2 mm. Contamination is a critical factor in processing test plates, of which we have specialist knowledge. 

The injection moulding equipment can also be used for screw and mould research. Our versatility allows that customer moulds and screws are able to be implemented, depending on the formulation being processed. 

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