Film and flexible polymer packaging material science and characterization

Intertek customers see the benefits of our expertise in testing film and polymer packaging; understand physical and mechanical properties, gain a greater understanding of barrier properties.

Assess the ability of film and packaging materials to withstand wear, pressure and damage.

    Barrier Testing

    Better understand adsorption, dissolution, diffusion, and desorption of materials to maximize preservation effect and prolong storage periods of your products

    • Oxygen Transmission Rate, OTR (ASTM D3985, ISO 15105-2)
    • Water Vapor Transmission Rate, WVTR (ASTM F1249, ISO 15106-2)
    • Water Vapor Transmission - cup method (ASTM E96)
    Package Integrity & Seal Strength

    Evaluate the optimum combination between seal time and seal quality in relation to production time of packages.
    Package Integrity

    • Seal Integrity (ASTM F1929)
    • Package Burst/Creep (ASTM F1140)

    Seal Strength

      Visibility & Appearance

      Optical property evaluations at Intertek evaluate product consistency.


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