Stretch-Wrap packaging film testing on quality and material behaviour.

Intertek provides stretch-wrap film packaging and plastics quality testing capabilities. Stretch wrap films are highly stretchable plastic films that are wrapped around certain items, as often used in the packaging industry. The main function of the film is to improve it's loading stability for transportation, storage and contamination protection. Stretch-wrap films are commonly made of PE (LLDPE, VLDPE, Plastomers), but also PVC is used. Critical properties of stretch wrap film are elastic recovery and break strength, but also cling, puncture resistance and optical properties are very important.

Stretch film wrap tests:

  • ASTM D-5459: Elastic Recovery, Permanent deformation and Stress Retention
  • ASTM D-5458: Peel Cling of Stretch Wrap Film
  • ASTM D-5748: Protrusion Puncture Resistance of Stretch Wrap Film
  • ASTM D-882: Tensile Properties
  • ASTM D-1003: Haze
  • ASTM D-1894: Coefficients of Friction
  • ASTM D-1922: Propagation Tear Resistance
  • and more stretch-wrap related tests 
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