Packaging Testing Services

Intertek packaging testing services include quality determination, evaluation, troubleshooting, certification, auditing and food contact testing.


Intertek is a global leader in testing and evaluating the performance of packages and packaging materials.  With packaging labs in countries all over the world, Intertek’s global network can support you in the education of how to approach performance testing, training on the test procedures, and in conducting the physical testing. 

International Safe Transit Association commonly referred to as ISTA is an association that is focused on the transport packaging industry.  They are the leading standards development organization for the packaging industry with performance standards for wide-ranging applications for packaging.  ISTA is more than the creation and publishing of standards they also certify labradorites, packaged products, and professionals.  

In today’s evolving packaging landscape sometimes evaluating to a standard is not enough.  Intertek’s global team of experts can work with you to create a custom standard for packages you are designing, using to source your product, and or to ensure that products arriving to your store shelves will arrive intact.  

As a retailer you want to ensure that products arriving to your stores meet the applicable regulatory requirements as well as in one piece for point of purchase or to your customers front door. Intertek’s protocol team can create a standard operating procedure that is unique for you and your business.  If you are a supplier to retailers Intertek can conduct evaluations to ensure your product meets their requirements through the process the Retailers expect.  

With a major focus on the materials being used in the packaging of products there is a continued demand for evaluating the materials utilized in packaging.  Such evaluations can consist of mechanical properties, chemical analysis, environmental impact, and how one material compares against others.


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