To ensure the safety and compliance of your paper and paperboard food contact materials, they should be manufactured using regulated substances and comply with the applicable regulatory testing requirements.

Although the regulations governing the use of paper and paperboard food contact materials vary by regions, the basic requirements remain the same. In general, food contact materials should not pose a health risk to consumers, should not influence the organoleptic characteristics, or alter the composition of the food, and should be manufactured following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) requirements.

More specifically, paper and paperboard food contact materials are subject to composition and testing requirements. The applicable global regulations specify a positive list of substances that the paper can be manufactured from and compliance testing requirements for the final food contact article. Additional restrictions for certain substances or the intended end use of the product may also be specified.

In addition to the rules set out in global regulations, the safety of these materials can be proven by following the recommendations as described in guidelines published by industry associations. The safe use of recycled paper (as an example) is not always included in national regulations, but guidelines can provide a means of proving compliance by setting safety limits for chemical purity.

The following global regulations, among others, are in place for paper and board food packaging materials:

  • EU (EC) 1935/2004, German BfR XXXVI, and other EU Member State legislation
  • US FDA 21 CFR 176.170 and 21 CFR 176.180
  • China GB 4806.8 and GB 9685
  • Mercosur GMC Res 40/15

Paper and Board Food Contact Materials Experience

With in-depth knowledge of the industry, regulatory expertise, and comprehensive testing programs, our food contact scientists work closely with leading food packaging manufacturers and stakeholders across the supply chain to ensure the products are safe and of high quality, meeting the regulatory requirements of authorities globally.

Our experts provide complete advisory support from concept to production, across the supply chain and lifecycle of the food contact article. Our services include:

  • Evaluate whether the composition of your product complies with the relevant regulations
  • Provide regulatory guidance including compliance strategies and exposure assessment
  • Identify, optimize, and conduct the applicable compliance testing
  • Work directly with your supply chain to obtain and review confidential information
  • Assist with post-market incident management and risk assessment

With Intertek as your partner, you can trust that your specific needs for paper and board food contact safety and compliance requirements will be met.

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