Intertek provides support to companies manufacturing and distributing food contact materials (FCMs) all along the supply chain to ensure they achieve local, regional, and international compliance with food contact regulations.

Materials and articles intended to come into contact with food are subject to composition and testing requirements based on the legislation of the regions they are marketed in. These food contact regulations are complex, and it can be difficult to determine what requirements apply to your product.

With decades of experience, we provide our clients with compliance solutions using our extensive knowledge of all aspects of food contact laws while our strong network with local and regional governmental authorities helps to accelerate the regulatory process. Our global experts can interpret current regulations as well as design customized food contact compliance programs (migration testing, worst case calculations, modelling, screening tests, NIAS studies and/or toxicological risks assessments) to demonstrate that your materials and articles are safe and in compliance with the applicable regulations.

How Can Intertek Help?

  • Advise on the regulatory requirements for your materials and articles to enter local and/or global markets
  • Analyze the detailed composition of materials and substances used in the manufacturing process of your FCM or article to determine compliance strategy
  • Design and optimize the appropriate testing protocols for evaluating compliance and ensuring safety of food contact materials and articles
  • Provide guidance on any issue that may prevent you from achieving compliance with food contact regulations (e.g., positive lists, use limitations, and other requirements)
  • Provide educational training for your organization on legislation and food contact compliance
  • Demonstrate that your manufacturing process fulfils the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Regulations 

Our experts can help you demonstrate food contact compliance in the relevant regions for your business. We provide support for the following international food contact regulations:

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