Environmental exposure, including weathering, accelerated ageing testing for plastics, polymers and composites

Accelerated Weathering Testing for Plastics and Polymers is necessary to ensure that materials and products meet their expected functionality and lifetime.

An array of variables exist that ensure that the effects of ageing and weathering are hard to predict and as such can cause problems in the future which may reflect back upon the product and your business in a negative way.

Intertek provides accelerated weathering testing of polymer and plastic materials and products through a plethora of different tests. Our experts test the resistance of polymeric products against environmental impact, weathering, temperature, humidity and repeated sterilization or UV/ Xenon exposure. The polymer and plastic materials or products will be exposed under defined conditions such as heat, UV, and other stress to determine its critical properties before and after exposure.

Materials typically tested include inks and dyes (for example in fascia boards), pipelines destined for hot environments; medical devices, such as blood bags. We also have capabilities to offer Automotive Materials Weathering Testing.

Weathering standards for plastic and polymer ageing testing: 

Chemical exposure services:

Environmental simulation / conditioning:

Different accelerated exposure tests may be used depending on product type and application. Intertek is able to tailor ageing tests to follow customized procedures where suggested. For more information or to discuss your needs with one of our polymer experts please contact us via the details on this page.

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