Flammability properties of polymers and plastics are tested to specific standards

Across industry - for example in aerospace, building and automotive - it is essential that specific standards are attained for heat-related properties of various materials.

Flammability tests conducted in our expert-overseen facilities provide polymer material characteristics for various industries such automotive, electronics and building.

Polymers flammability properties testing includes:

  • Small Scale Flammability:
    UL, CFR, FMVSS, ASTM, ISO, automotive, aerospace and building specifications.
  • Room Burn Apparatus:
    The room burn apparatus is used for testing wall panels, wall coverings, foam plastics, and an assortment of other materials and configurations.
  • Open Calorimeter:
    In addition to room testing, calorimeter tests can be run under the open hood in compliance with federal, state or local fire codes and requirements including testing to UL 1056 and UL 1895. The hood can also be used to run custom tests of materials.

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