Intertek provides flammability and flammability-related tests for materials research, quality control, industry and regulatory requirements.

Intertek's capabilities include materials flammability testing, fire testing, fire resistance and materials analysis.

Materials flammability tests:

Fire testing, flammability and fire resistance:

  • Furniture Flammability Testing
    • Furniture and mattress testing, including ASTM E1537, BIFMA, NFPA 266, NFPA 267, UFAC, and California Technical Bulletins 116, 117, 129, and 133.
  • Flammability and Fire Testing (Building Materials)
    • Room Burn Apparatus: Flammability tests for wall panels, wall coverings, foam plastics, and an assortment of other materials and configurations.
    • Open Calorimeter: Calorimeter tests in compliance with federal, state or local fire codes and requirements including testing to UL 1056 and UL 1895.
  • Intermediate Scale Calorimeter (ICAL):
    Testing to ASTM E1623, to determine ignitability, heat release rates, mass loss rates, and smoke development of materials, products and assemblies.
  • Flashpoint Testing
  • UL 900 Testing

Materials analysis:

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