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Intertek is a solutions provider for a wide range of industries within the food sector. With our wealth of experience and world-class reputation for delivering quality and value, we can offer comprehensive support wherever your business fits within the global food supply chain.

Our experts provide a one-stop-shop solution for all your food services requirements. With our global expertise in assurance, testing, inspection, auditing and certification you can rely on our support whenever and wherever you need it.

Our global specialists with local expertise work with you to guide you through the things that matter to your business. Our comprehensive range of services means we specialise in supporting a wide variety of industries within the food sector, including Animal Feed & Pet FoodMeat, Dairy, Honey and HiveSeafoodFruit and Vegetables, Convenience Foods, Hospitality and Retail to help you tackle the unique challenges you face. 

At Intertek, we understand that animal feed and pet food need to be carefully tested and analysed in order to not only comply with the relevant regulations in destination markets, but to ensure quality and safety for the benefit of the consumer, your brand and your reputation. We have therefore developed expert services for both animal feed testing and inspection and pet food testing.
With the increasing demand for convenient and high quality food, pressure is placed on manufacturers to deliver safe and exciting new products to a changing world. Intertek works with every stage of the food supply chain and has a wealth of experience in preparing convenience products for market.
As your trusted dairy industry partner, our global network of experts can provide you with a complete solution to support your business needs in the most efficient way, from dairy products and dairy ingredients, to value added dairy ingredients and speciality ingredients.

The experts at Intertek understand that businesses within the fresh produce industry need to evaluate their food safety practices during the production of fruit and vegetables. This is because consumers are demanding fresh and convenient produce, leading to the development of specific food safety practices within the fresh produce industry.

Intertek is one of the world-leading experts in the analysis of honey and hive products and offers a comprehensive honey and hive solution to the food industry, providing customers with a tailored service, with practical advice and fast, reliable test results.
Our comprehensive hospitality solutions ensures that your business stays ahead of local competition and consistently delivers a premium service to your customers whilst maintaining your reputation. Also benefit from our Food Hygiene Control Programme which helps you to continuously improve your food hygiene whilst promoting a visible mark of assurance to your customers.
Ensuring the safety and authenticity of products is of critical importance to businesses operating within the meat and poultry industry. The experts at Intertek have composed a tailored meat industry solution specifically for these businesses to help them safeguard their brand, protect their customers and comply with all relevant regulations.
Our global experts provide retail solutions to businesses within the industry to ensure that they comply with national and international standards for food safety and quality.
No matter where your business supports the supply chain, we can provide complete seafood solutions to ensure the supply of safe and sustainable products to market, including Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) Chain of Custody (CoC).

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