Become recognised for your hygiene practices with the Intertek Food Hygiene Control Programme - a global consistency standard for both domestic and international brands.

To help promote the hygiene standards of your sites and to differentiate your quality proposition, Intertek has developed a Food Hygiene Control Programme to help not only manage the risk of food related incidents but promote customer care through best practices of hygiene.

The Intertek Food Hygiene Control Programme is a global consistency standard for both domestic and international brands, providing consumers with a meaningful comparison, by an independent food safety auditor, to check food premises, staff practices and products are compliant with food hygiene best practices. For further information visit our FAQ page.

In order to become recognised, Intertek will provide an in-depth risk assessment and inspection of your premises for food delivery and storage, preventative activities, kitchen and food handler and safety standards. Our experts will also carry out relevant testing and take some swabs to verify the presence of critical bacteria such as: Salmonella, Listeria, Coliform, E-coli etc.

By becoming an Intertek Food Hygiene Control Programme recognised business you will:

  • Promote food safety and quality
  • Pro-actively improve processes which will save you valuable time and resources
  • Have a recognisable logo to demonstrate your compliance with the highest standards
  • Reduce the risk for your business whilst protecting the consumer
  • Ensure compliance with regulations and your sanitary control plans
  • Safeguard your brand’s reputation
  • Demonstrate your due diligence in food safety

Understand more about how to make the most of your Mark by visiting our dedicated page.

The Intertek Food hygiene Mark has three levels of achievements:

  • Bronze: From 70% to 79,9%
  • Silver: From 80% to 89,9%
  • Gold: More than 90%


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