Honey and hive products are subject to stringent regulations to ensure their safety and authenticity.

Consumers expect honey to be a pure and natural premium product, therefore stringent regulations have been put into place which focus not only on the quality of honey but also its authenticity. Furthermore, hive products including pollen, royal jelly, beeswax and propolis, are being used within food supplements and medicine; further capturing the attention of the global marketplace.

Intertek is one of the world-leading experts in the analysis of honey and hive products and offers a comprehensive service solution to the food industry, providing customers with a tailored service, with practical advice and fast, reliable test results. We test approximately 60,000 honey samples per year for quality parameters, veterinary drugs and authenticity. This information is added to a comprehensive database which is used for providing specific analytical recommendations to our customers.

Your honey and hive products have to fulfil certain criteria regarding quality, labelling and bee treatment residues, including veterinary medicines and environmental contaminants. Our comprehensive range of analyses can help your business to fulfil these requirements to ensure compliance and to reduce risk.

Adulteration analysis is an important factor in the verification of honey authenticity, especially when it comes to meeting the increasing demand from client specifications and customer expectation. Intertek can provide a wide range of honey analyses to assist your business with the detection of fraudulent ingredients.

In addition to authenticity testing, natural high quality bee products including propolis, royal jelly, pollen and beeswax should be tested for common quality parameters and residues. Hive products such as these need to be free of any antibiotic residues derived from beekeeping practice and from contaminants caused by pollution. Intertek offers a high level of expertise in the analysis of hive products and are proud to provide customers with a comprehensive testing service.

Intertek has developed Crystek, a process to evaluate the composition and production of honey, thus predicting and preventing crystallization.

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