The hospitality industry faces new and diverse challenges each day.

Hospitality organisations need to stay ahead of the local competition and deliver a premium service to your customers while maintaining the reputation of your large global brand to guarantee customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Intertek provides a comprehensive hospitality service so that you can ensure that you meet these rising expectations. From auditingcertification and inspection through to testing and training - we have a tailored solution for you. Through our global experience in analysis, inspections, audits, training and consulting, you can depend on our support wherever and whenever you need us. We can also help you to become recognised for your hygiene practices with the Intertek Food Hygiene Control Programme which is a global consistency standard for both domestic and international brands.

Intertek Cristal's solutions and certification offer the protection of effective global brand assurance in a highly competitive market. Intertek Cristal has customer confidence, safety and trust at its heart. It employs one of the largest groups of quality, hygiene, safety and security experts in the world, and boasts more than two decades in the field.

Intertek has developed the Food Hygiene Control Programme to help manage the risk of food-related incidents and promote customer care. The programme is a global consistency standard for both domestic and international brands, providing consumers with a comparison to ensure that the hygiene standards of food premises are compliant with best practices. With our microbiology analysis services, we help you ensure that you comply with food safety regulations while protecting your customers and brand.

Brand reputation is essential to the success of your business. Intertek's 360° Brand Assurance addresses the two pillars of brand reputation: customer satisfaction and health and safety risk management. Our brand audit assesses key areas including e-reputation visibility, Consumer experience, Kitchen safety, and Sustainability evaluation.

Intertek's food sustainability solutions include the life cycle analysis of food, carbon footprint reporting of food manufacturing and products, and validation of the food product supply chain.

Intertek uses the latest methods and technology to identify risk factors in food service, such as microbiological analysisnutritional analysisanalysis of contaminantsmeat species identification, and environmental testing. Intertek also analyses packaging, utensils, food processing equipment services, and many other materials intended to come into contact with food.

Our label validation services including layout, language changes and updates on legal claims as well as a complete analysis of the nutritional aspects, in order to support combat the risks associated with global commercialisation.

Intertek’s portfolio of risk management and food auditing solutions address many issues in your organisation, such as supply chain management, cybersecurity, food safety and more. Our Supply Chain Assurance solutions allows you to map risk in your suppliers, and offers Intertek Inlight, a digital platform to enhance your supply chain visibility.

We provide personalised training programmes which address a wide range of topics and can be made available online, onsite, or at any Intertek location around the world. The courses operate at the forefront of local and international developments, and include legal compliance requirements for our customers, as well as the best practices in manufacturing. Our experts therefore have the necessary experience to ensure that key personnel and their management teams are updated on major compliance issues, techniques, skills, and more.
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