Intertek’s Hospitality Assurance solutions that are designed to address the unique hygiene, safety, and risk management requirements of all types of tour operators, in addition to providing staff with training materials and content to provide education and awareness on key aspects of any risk they face today.
Intertek Checkpoint provides a solution to seamlessly manage risk, receive notifications when health and safety thresholds are not met, and generate key performance analytics. When combined with the support provided by our team of HSE auditors and technical advisors, this ensures that your suppliers keep on top of non-compliance, address safety critical issues with a sense of urgency, and operate according to industry best practices.

The SecurityCheck module is a response to the absence of a globally recognised standard for the security arrangements required by organisations to protect guests, staff and continuity of business.

Travellers with specific access needs are a rapidly increasing part of the global travel market. They look for facilities that have provided access to all areas of the site. AccessCheck allows businesses to both check that all areas are accessible at all times, and to positively advertise this fact through verified certification.

In these days of COVID-19 every hospitality location needs to show that they take customer safety and welfare seriously. It is absolutely vital that everything is in place to Prevent the Spread of Infection (POSI). This means implementing protocols that manage and measure the effectiveness of hygiene standards at any point. POSI-Check will guide you through what is needed at each step and will verify that your location is COVID-19 ready. Accepted by major tour operators and online agents, POSI-Check is the global seal that shows your site is safe.

Slips and trips are a massive area of minor, and major, injury. These injuries result in needless suffering for your guests, but also result in wasted management time and losses that arise from subsequent claims. SafetyCheck ensures that your safety management system have recognised the risk and that these protocols in place to prevent accidents is robust. The best way to deal with minor accidents is to avoid them.

Intertek Cristal's solutions and certification offer the protection of effective global brand assurance in a highly competitive market. Intertek Cristal has customer confidence, safety and trust at its heart. It employs one of the largest groups of quality, hygiene, safety and security experts in the world, and boasts more than two decades in the field.

Protek provides end-to-end learning and certification solutions, from Covid-19 related training programmes to specific modules on how to use face masks, gloves and other PPE. In addition, courses on hygiene, cleaning, and prevention of the spread of infectious diseases help to assure the health, safety and wellbeing of employees and customers alike.

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